Mono Basics 006 – Ryuichiro – Dystopic Dream / Remixes by Joton and Revolver Voltex

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Artist: Ryuichiro
Title: Dystopic Dream
Remixer: Joton / Revolver Voltex
Label: Mono Basics
Cat.N: MB006
Release Date: 18 October 2013

Ryuichiro – Dystopic Dream (Original Mix)
Ryuichiro – Total Immersion (Original Mix)
Ryuichiro – Dystopic Dream (Joton Remix)
Ryuichiro – Total Immersion (Revolver Voltex Remix)

“When the sounds are dark and twisted … When the origin is Japan ..
it’s always fascinating.
Two original tracks by Ryuichiro that leave their mark. Completing the release the two remixes, the first signed by the Spanish Joton (Newrhythmics) and the second by the Japanese Voltex Revolver.
Enjoy it!”

Played and supported by Josh Wink, DVS1, Jonas Kopp, Inigo Kennedy, Truncate, Pfirter, Drumcell, Jeroen Search, Dasha Rush, Samuli Kemppi, SNTS, Chris Colburn, Erphun, Etapp Kyle, Angel Molina, Mattias Fridell, Arnaud Le Texier, Aiken, Miro Pajic, Anthony Parasole, Ness, Lakker, Unbalance and more.