Mono Basics 004 – Alex Einz – Immersion EP / remixes by Xhin & Vigoo


Artist: Alex Einz / Xhin Remix / Vigoo Remix

Title: Immersion
Label: Mono Basics
Cat.N: MB004
Release: 13 May 2013


Alex Einz – Immersion (Original Mix)
Alex Einz – Immersion (Reconstructed)
Alex Einz – Immersion (Xhin Remix)
Alex Einz – Immersion (Vigoo Remix)


After a long time the Japanese label Mono Basics is back. Alex Einz (label owner) shows the original track with two different visions. Abstract and visionary. The release is completed by two remixes of high quality. The first is signed by Xhin (Stroboscopic Artefacts) ,absolutely a trip into modern techno; the second is signed by Vigoo. Much more minimal.

Played and Supported by DVS1, Samuli Kemppi, Go Hiyama, DJ Hyperactive, Bryan Zentz, Ryuji Takeuchi, Dadub, Eric Cloutier, Myles Serge, Arnaud Le Texier, Angel Molina, Javier Orduna, Tadeo, Exium, Dimi Angelis, Kr!z, Neel and more.